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The original owner wrote this website to help him find good covered call picks. His program scanned over the day's option prices to find high volume stocks with call options being written on them, then he ranked them by the option premium, divided by the price, to find the highest paying premium rate.

But of course, the highest paying covered call contract probably has too much risk, that's why it pays so well; you get paid to suffer that risk. Be sure to do your research! Just because a stock was on his list didn't mean it was recommended. Observe the chart column labeled Rating and Rating Trend.

To help compare different covered call positions, he added the Projected Return column which gave you the approximate APR (Annual Percentage Rate) if the stock is called away or if it stays flat and is not called away. This page also showed the price of the stock minus the call premium, in dollars and percent, so you could see how much downside protection you would have if you bought this stock and sold the call.

Each call listed also had links to other websites for you to do more research, both checking the financials, along with current prices and rating. Callpix had used End of Day prices ONLY.

In 2013 was purchased by the covered call screener site Born To Sell. You can see the Born To Sell features in action by taking the tour.

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