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Since 2004, helped you find safe stocks on which to sell call contracts for a good premium.

The site showed the comparative return on various stocks if you were to buy it and then sell a call option. The owner had great success using this method to turn a consistent profit buying stocks and selling call options. But beware, he also had losses when he took on too much risk. updated each day a few hours after the market closed and was using End Of Day market data.

In 2013, Things Improved...

In September 2013 CallPix was acquired by the internet's leading covered call web site, Born To Sell.

Born To Sell's covered call screener has many advanced features, including updating prices during market hours, Top 10 list, quick ways to find ex-dividend dates before expiration, and remove covered calls that have earnings before expiration, as well as the best rolling covered call calculator you'll find.

To see the screener you can take a tour, try the demo, or visit